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I find inspiration for my artwork everywhere I look.  The knowing smile on a graceful face, landscapes seen my my travels around the world, or the beautiful nature on display in my own backyard. I'm fortunate to not want for things that motivate me to represent their beauty in textile.

Mama Robi


"My name is Isabella Robi and I love God." I was overwhelmed by Isabella's beauty and face, radiant with joy. I wanted to capture that. I later learned that in 1998 she started a small school in Nakuru, Kenya because she saw children on the street that needed to be educated. Through persistence and prayer the little school has become Project Kenya, serving over 800 children in many different ways. Mama Robi's vision was to "teach and show Christ's love." She has said, "God has given me a love for children." This kind of faith defines joy to me.

Mama Robi.jpg
Sister Artists.jpg

Sister Artists

Quilt for Change and The Advocacy Project (AP) have been working in partnership with survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) in Mali and quilters in the United States.  Diane was alerted to Sister Artists by three close quilting friends who she met after taking an online class together: “We challenge each other.” She has not been to Africa but felt a sense of solidarity with her Malian sister after spotting her in the group photo. “It helps to see the person who inspired you,” says Diane. “I thought of her experience while making my quilt and wanted to honor her.”

Travels in Spain


Olive groves, white hill towns and sunsets over Andalusia, Spain provides an overload of visual sensations.   I am especially drawn elements of Moorish architecture such as interlacing arches, central courtyards, riad gardens, intricately carved wood and stucco as decoration, muqarnas sculpting, and decorative tile work known as zellij in Arabic or azulejo in Spanish and Portuguese.  I had the great fortune to visit The Giralda Tower in Seville and The Alhambra in Granada.

Granada Sunset.jpg
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